Shack Progress
Written by M0YOM   
Just a quick update, lots of things happening at the moment to try and get the station ready in time for CQ WPX this weekend.
The Shack is looking really good, electrics are all in, room is painted, the cat5 needs to be terminated yet though.
The cable entry is finished in the ceiling, cable track is on the wall ready for Coax runs and you can see the wifi gear on the shelf, internet is provided using radio too, this is via a long distance 2.4Ghz link using Andrew 24dbi 2.4Ghz dishes.
Lots of homebrew engineering going on too, this is a nice home made guy point bearing made by Callum M0MCX
Here is some of our HEAVY engineering, more info on what this is soon ;) (Yes that is a scaffolding joint)