CQWW International Invitation
Written by M0MCX   
Monday, 21 September 2009 21:27


The UK Scout Contest Team is putting on a high power Multi-Two station for CQWW from Dorridge (24th / 25th October).

Would you like to operate a mega-station? The station details are genuinely very impressive and would blow away anyone’s capability they might have at home; from full sized 160m dipoles at 70 feet to 3-element arrays on 40m to the USA. Both multi-band stations have an ACOM 2000 fed by either an FT2000 or a K3. We have station filtering to allow simultaneous high powered operation by two stations just feet from each other on adjacent bands and each band will have at least two antennas available. It’s pile-up heaven.


We have essentially 96 hours of operating time to fill and there is no way we can use that all up in 48 hours between five operators. Seriously, if you would like to apply for a slot, just get in touch using the form on the menu. No pressure, no hassle, create your own pile ups, use the cluster, S&P, whatever lights their bulb. Want 30 minutes on 15m? Do it. Just come and enjoy – but we ask them to write first and detail their experience so we can feed them in with perhaps a bit of tuition since it’s going to be a bit fast and furious from time to time with lots of switches and software to learn.

Clearly, some of the afternoon slots will be well oiled but some early morning and later evening slots will be free. Work ZL and VK on 40m in the mornings, USA on 80m in the evenings. It’ll be a fabulous opportunity. Last year we were spotted by W3LPL and peaked at a rate of 199 QSOs per minute for the last 10 minutes of the contest on 80m. US and EU were competing for our attentions. Quite a dramatic ending to the contest. We’re loud, fast and furious!

Frankly, we would just be appreciative of good people turning up to put the kettle on and make everyone a cuppa and just give us some moral support. Knowing people are supporting us will be a boost to our performance. The old faces will certainly be there to give you a smile, myself and James (2E0YOM) as well as Terry (G4MKP) and Lee (G0MTN) – and some others too.

Apply here: http://www.m0xxt.co.uk/index.php?option=com_mad4joomla&jid=1&Itemid=78

Callum, M0MCX, Team Captain